📑 Steal Benji Hyam’s SaaS content strategy to get 10x conversions on yours

  • Before: Published interview-based stories (top of the funnel)
  • Problem: great for short term leads, not great for SEO. Promoting another company.
  • Now: Pain point SEO articles (bottom of the funnel) - 10x conversion rates!
  • Examples:
  • Comparison Posts “competitor vs our tool”
  • Category Tool posts (discover a set of tools within a category)
  • How-to posts (teach people how to solve a problem with a manual, complicated way, then pointing to ease of use with our tool)
  • Alternatives to posts (“alternatives to X”)
  • Product use cases (show up when someone searched for a problem/solution that our tool solved)
  • Stories about why the product or company was built and how we approached building a product to solve the problem.
  • Case studies about how someone solved a common pain point using the product.

Benji at Grow & Convert has all the details on this approach.


✒️ Copywriting Tip of the Week: Don’t trust your visitors

People don’t use our websites the way we want them to. A look at some scroll maps will confirm this.

Make your website crazy-scroll-proof (my words not his).

Joel Klettke has some advice on this:

  1. Use subheadings to give context to the copy that follows
  2. Repeat your compelling benefits throughout your copy
  3. Record user sessions to see what people are paying attention to so you know where to add your most compelling copy

📈 Cool Growth Tools

  • VisualEyes - simulated eye tracking with 93% accuracy. Just upload your designs and see where people are going to be looking. You can test your designs before spending a lot of money on usability tests.
  • LinkTexting.com - sends your mobile app link to people who found your website on a desktop device. Worth checking out if your product is a mobile app!
  • Copytesting.com - user testing for your copy. Best for direct response pages. Plug in your URL, define which sections you want to be analyzed. Feedback comes from real people, quantified into two scores (ClearScore and CareScore). Great for testing your copy so you are not losing money in A/B tests.

📐 How do you measure up?

The latest benchmark report from Unbounce has some great insights.

Key Takeaways:

  1. SaaS landing pages are the most difficult to read. Want to convert better? Write simple copy. (Tweet this) How simple? Elementary to Middle School level. Use an app like Hemmingway to help you write simple copy.
  2. SaaS converts 10% lower than other industries (also has the hardest to read copy).
  3. The median conversion rate for SaaS is 2.9%, the best-performing SaaS pages convert at 24.2%. There’s a TON of room for improvement for most SaaS pages.
  4. Shorter copy pages tend to convert better.
  5. The median SaaS conversion rate is highest for pages with fewer than 200 words.
  6. Click-through pages convert better than pages with forms. This means you should be testing hyper-focused landing pages for your ads without any distractions or forms.
  7. In e-commerce, pages that have more words associated with anticipation & joy, tend to have higher conversions. (Tweet this) Negative words reduce conversion rates for this industry. Examples of joy words: glimmer, triumph, love, passion, abundance, smile, youth, gift, improve, kudos, money, vivid, freedom, respect.