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Game Presskit First Impressions and Signup Conversion Tips

In this video I looked at a tool called Game Presskit. The software is basically a custom template maker for game press pages. Here are my overall comments:

  1. I liked the simplicity of the page and the brevity of the copy
  2. Recommended trying showing features side by side with images.
  3. Questioned what "early access" entails and perhaps including some information on when it's launching.
  4. Recommended populating the demo press kit with an actual game


Hey, this is a tear down of game, press kit. This is the first time I'm looking at this page. So I have not seen anything. So everything I say will be with a fresh perspective, right? So let's take a look at it. It says, focus on building your game, not your press kit, the own one solution to build, manage, and publish press kits.

First of all, I have no idea what a press kit is, but I'm guessing somebody who's going to look at this is going to understand it. Otherwise, they wouldn't be here. So we've got a front center. I see this Animade, uh, it looks like a video showing me the, looks like an editor to see new demo game and it's scrolling through.

So it looks like a Prescott is something that's, um, maybe like a landing page or a website for the, for the. For the game. Right. So yeah, it looks like it's a website it's got still your genre released a platforms, purchase price. So it makes sense. Like the video is cool. Um, I don't know if it's a little too fast in this.

This seems kinda cool. Oh, fast, but uh, no, maybe not. I like it. Right. Let's scroll down. Let the head of the call to action is request early access and press kit demo.

First, like what I'd probably want to do is check out the demo. I don't know what happens. Demo the game. Press kit. Yeah. So that's actually, that's the page that you designed in that video, right? That's cool. A demo. I like it. So seems like if you're a developer, who's building the game, you don't have to worry about taking forever to build this.

It's a web editor specifically for this kind of page. That's awesome. All right, let's go back. And then I'm going to skip click on this button for now, just to see what's on the rest of the page features build published rapidly powerful visual editing industry, best practices, flexible and easily customized, modern mobile ready, unique shareable URLs.

Okay. The design wise, I like it's really clear. The contrast on your text below down here is a little bit of kind of vague, not vague a little bit weak, right? Maybe make a little bit more contrast. But it's, it's a minor thing I would say. And then just to start building your press kit. So it's a really simple page that top section demo kind of live demo features and request access.

So the fact that you were keeping it really short is great because shorter pages tend to convert better for the most part. And the fact that it's kind of low on copy, it's really straightforward. So that's really good. Um, like I said, make the text a little more contrast and maybe a little bit, um, larger, just so I can see easily create.

I'm going to read a real quickly here, create your breast, get Andrew content and asset, click publish, choose a section that you want to add and see. Okay. So, uh, one thing that I might want to try as kind of a variation of this page is to show each one is features side by side, and maybe just to show actual, like little animated GIF or a video of what, of what that feature is.

So this is a, um, published in a matter of minutes. So maybe just have like a little video that says, uh, the, has you load up a premade template, click through real quick and sit in like publish, uh, visual, uh, editing real time again, you can show that. Um, of, of people clicking on the button and then showing the edit in real time, like a side by side, having that on the left or on the right and show that there.

But like I said, it's not huge. Like I think if somebody is going to land on this page, they might check out the demo and if it looks good and then that's the problem they're experiencing, they'll probably try it, but you could try to break it down in the side by side sections a little bit longer page.

It's gonna be a little bit longer, but, uh, it's something to try and you can also add the buttons to, um, to request access. Uh, in each section, just so that's repeated and then don't have to scroll up. But to me, this is pretty clear and I'm going to go ahead and click request or the access to see what happens.

Enter your email below to request early access. Alright,

you don't have to give me access by the way. I'm just trying it out. This is awesome. You've been successfully added to the wait list. All right. So now I see I'm not understand what this means, right? So there's a wait list. Uh, one thing I'd probably want to know of somebody who is coming here is what does early access, uh, actually mean?

Like how big of a wait list and when are you going to launch? Uh, it seems like maybe as you're still working on this, maybe, um, but you know, from the demo page, it looks like it might be almost done. So maybe include like when it's launching maybe a date or, um, If this is just a way to kind of build up anticipation in the, in the tool or to get feedback from people.

So you can actually improve the product before you launch it, then I get it, uh, in that case, maybe, maybe it's okay. Right. Maybe just say, um, you know, this is what I'll do a show, how many people are, are in line to get, to get the access or the access. Maybe if you have like, Um, unless the number is really small, right?

Maybe in that case you don't want to, but if you've got hundreds of people already signed up and they're waiting itching to try this say, join the 205 people waiting to get early access right. Or something, or, um, another thing you could try is this kind of a growth strategy instead of more of like a landing page feedback is you could try to actually create a skip of the line function, like share.

And get earlier access. Now share this page together with her hacks. That's uh, just to kind of build in that virality. I found them having to share the page, maybe tweaked or copy the link or something. Um, but you know, if that's not, that's not your, what you're going forward to. Definitely don't have to worry about that.


Uh, lastly, like I always look for social proof on the pages and this doesn't seem to have any maybe because you're still building it. I get it. But, uh, if you have any access to like people tweeting nice things about your product, maybe include some of that stuff. Like if somebody said something nice on a tweet, just copy that tweet and paste it there.

Uh, maybe a few of them, especially like at the top, like between this section or just right below, it I'd want to be able to see it right away. Um, just say like, Hey, you know, if somebody said, Hey, I'm really excited for this. This looks awesome. It's going to save me a lot of time. Uh, include that on your page.

And I think that's it. Um, that's my kid environment. It's pretty simple. Like it straight to the point. Um, I'd want to know, like when I'm getting access, right? Like early access as it next, you know, a year from now six months from now, or is it like next week? Like something to tell me how long I'm going to be waiting for.

But again, like, I don't think it's a huge deal because if, if I'm somebody who has this problem, And I want to get it solved. Maybe I'll just, I'll hit no request access. And then I'll wait to see what happens on the conversion side of this. I don't know what you're doing with those emails once they email you.

Um, I hope you're following up and saying, Hey, I see that you signed up for early access and then you're requesting feedback from them. Maybe you're giving them early access right away and then getting feedback, but get them engaged. Don't be like, uh, what some, well, some people do is they'll get people.

Just sign up and then like three months later they emailed them. Right. So don't do that, like follow up right away and make sure you getting almost, I would say an instant email right away. That's the confirms that they signed up, um, either prompts for feedback or gives them early access just to get them engaged one-on-one and, uh, get the product made to their, to their, um, preferences.

Right. Because. And it looks like you're probably somebody who develops games or, or know somebody who does, and that's why you made this. So that's cool. I really liked this as simple and to the point. And last thing I haven't really tried out here is the sign in button sign into what

it looks like. You can already sign up for a sign and it says register, what, why am I requesting access? If I can register.

I don't understand. Let's try it. Password.

What? No access key found we're currently in early access to back soon. All right. So I don't know if this is a function that's not working. Maybe just remove that for now. Right? Unless they do have an access key and they can type it in somewhere. I don't see a field for access skiing. So that could be a little frustration if I do discover this and I try to set up and it doesn't work all this is registered with Google.

What if that work?

Okay. It doesn't work. So, yeah, maybe they don't need that too early on. Maybe remove that link or add the access key. So it actually looks like the, you have an access key. So I hope that helps. Um, let me know if you make changes or if you don't, uh, let me know what you thought about this feedback. Leave a comment here and keep on keeping on.

Followup Transcript:

Hey, a quick followup thought on this page. Um, one thing you could try to do is minimize the number of clicks for signups or for early access is you could try to add actual form, um, email input form here, uh, input field, maybe move the press Prescott demo to the bottom below it. That way people don't have to click anywhere.

They just click on email one-click, uh, monthly taxes basically. And last thing for the demo page that I've thought about kinda a little bit afterwards is, um, let's see. You could mock up an actual game, like pick a publicly available game and put those images in here instead of having like these mountain mountain scenes.

And it looks like you just used some other kind of Unsplash photos or something, a mock up an actual game, like pick a popular game title and put it in there. Maybe even a couple, like do a. Have like a page or like a, a demo section on the, on the main page. Maybe let's see somewhere here below and show up show actual like demos of maybe three to six, um, different games, big popular titles, mock it up, cut them real short, like little chunks, right.

A little previews and put them right on the page. I think when people see that and they see an actual game in there, that's going to help them visualize it and see how awesome it is. Maybe you can pick an independent game developer game. I don't know what the popular titles are there. Um, but yeah, you're probably familiar with that with an audience.

So pick a game that somebody like your ideal customer would actually use this for and mock up some of those games in there. I think there'll be a really helpful, alright. Take care.

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