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In summary, my recommendations for this website are:

1. Explain why security is an important aspect of team management software and why people should care.

2. Try to drop some prominent logos as social proof and or testimonials into the copy.

3. Make sure the fields use auto-fill to let me enter my info.


Hey, this is initial impression video for portabella, the IO. And this is the first time I'm looking at this page. I don't know anything about it. I haven't looked or read anything. So everything you see is fresh from my perspective. So let's take a look at it, um, right away. I see the title is project management for security conscious teams.

Okay. I don't know what security conscious means, but, uh, it, it tells me it's a project management app of some sort that's good, uh, working, collaborate in groups big or small, um, knowing not even when we can see your data knowing not even when we can see your data. Um, I think the language is kind of off here.

I'm not really sure I'm getting it. Mmm. It seems like it's something that. Uh, I concerned that, uh, Dean might have that other people might be able to see their information. Maybe, uh, the actual, uh, the actual product team may be able to get access to it. So I guess in that case, that makes sense. And then let's see, we've got email address with the input field.

That's good. You don't have to click away from anything. That's good. Um, let's scroll down real quick. I see the image here. It looks like a mockup of a project management app looks like a Trello board of some sort. Let's see secure, but full featured, no compromises and security for productivity. Um, I icons look really small, at least on my end resolution.

I don't know if that's on, on purpose, but maybe to make the item a little bit bigger just to kind of match the design here. Uh, I like that simplicity and that clarity of the page, and it's really kind of cleaning lots of white space. Let's see if it's really feature combined and doing a trim instance, set up to you and collaboration, real time collaboration, secure file sharing.

All right. Yeah. I think just having the larger icons and larger text with maybe a little bit better line height, it's a little bit too high here, but it seems almost like it's double spaced, but larger text, maybe larger headlines and larger icons. I think all those things just kind of bring all that together.

Um, let's see, what else we got here? How does it work? The text is a little bit small here again that make that larger. Um, but. And overall, it seems to be a little bit too much to read. And like, personally, if I was looking at this, I'd probably want to skip this section. Let's take a look. What else here, pricing available now free.

And then nine 99 per user, per month. Uh, in terms of pricing, like just visually, you might want to just say free for the price instead of available now. Um, because I mean, you've got the price on the right, right. And you might want to just kinda match that style to the left and see. Where it says available now, make us like free.

And then on top you say, um, or you just say zero per month, right? I don't know what the price is. I'm guessing zero. If it's, if it's free. So just put zero or free in that area. Let's see. On the mid personal projects, it looks like the only difference here is the storage size. Right? Let me see, move for personal use and small team.

Moving project, three collaborations, unlimited collaboration. Okay. So it looks like the other ones for larger teams. So it has different, um, more collaborators and different fi file storage size. So thinking there that makes sense. Um, business,

I see this as business twice. I'm not sure if you need that. Maybe it's say like, um, popular for teams or something. You know, if that's, if that's what you want to stress and saying, and that's, it, it looks like there is nothing else here. Um, so yeah, let's take a look at what I think of it right away. Um, it's clean and clear.

I mean, it's clean. I don't know if it's clear what security conscious teams means. Um, I think what you want to do is make a little section that kind of explains why that's important. Right? Why is security so important to teams who care about it? Um, what's the problem? Like what, why, why is this a problem in the first place let's say I use, um, let's say I'm not aware of that issue and I'm using project management software.

And I don't know why I should be concerned about this. So you might want to write something like a little section that explains why security is important. Um, what current problem exists and how, like, what are the consequences if that, um, that problem escalates, right? It's like, what happens if somebody is able to see my, um, project management workflows, right?

Who's going to be able to see them and what happens and is it going to cost me. Is it going to result in lawsuits? Like what, what is the consequence make that like stressed out, right? Like if I'm, if, if somebody can access it and you lose your competitive advantage, maybe that's the point. That's the, one of the key selling points, like stress that in the copy, make it really explicit that this is a concern they should be worried about because, and here's why you should use this tool because it's going to alleviate that concern.

Right. Focused on the problem that your tool is solving and not necessarily just the features because, you know, let's be honest, all the project management software, they all have these kind of features. Right. And to an encryption, maybe I don't know about that one, but set up real time collaborations.

They all do that. And if you're trying to sell your app based on the features alone, I don't think it's going to go very far, but if you're stressing point of security and why that's important, why teams should care and, um, How your product solves that? I think if you position it from that perspective, I think that's going to be a lot more helpful.

And another thing, obvious thing I want to notice, I want to tell you is like, there's no social proof whatsoever, which is understandable. You're probably just starting out. You don't have anything going on here, but, um, what you can do in that case, if you don't have any actual customers or if there's few, and they haven't said anything about your tool, what you can do is, uh, just talk about.

Um, kind of real world situations where security is a concern in which companies, maybe there's large companies that have realized this and they said, Hey, we need to do something about this. Um, so any, any way that you can figure out to drop some, uh, problem that company logos in there, even though it doesn't mean they're your customers.

I think that will be helpful just to get some, um, social proof funder. And then let's see, I do have a, kind of a concern with the pricing page because,

Hey, you can't sign up for it. Right. Even if it's not done, um, I'm assuming you're going to have this done later, but just having the option for them to be able to sign up, just do something with it. Right. They'll just leave it there. Um, but if, if your whole point is just to get them in and get started now is not as the obvious thing they should be doing.

Then just add it here too. Right? It's like get started. Um, we won't charge you anything, but you can start it right now. Something like that. Right? Maybe you don't charge for the user yet. Let me just, just add that button there. It says get started. We won't charge you anything right now because it's coming soon, but having them be able to click here, something let's see first impressions, price, and features.

Okay. That just kind of skips. A very minor thing. Design wise. You probably want to gently scroll to that section if they just click it and it skips right away. And that's a better experience when it kinda gets there. And they see that it's going to that the right section and blog and sign in. I wonder what happens if I click this button?

It's like, I'm taking the register page. Wow. Finding optimal path to end. All right. Um, John DOE name, email login style password pneumonic. Well, that's cool. I've never seen that. I've never seen anybody use a mnemonic password login. I'm guessing you have to memorize these phrases. Okay. Um, I don't see any autofill hair, like something to look into to see for, for model fields.

Um, you probably want to add like a tag out of fill for that so I can, don't have to type in my email password.

You're just going to say, okay. So it looks like the button shows up after you're typing in. That's good. And let me check some other things here.

Good started. I think that's all that feedback I have for now. At least initially. Um, I'd have to dig deeper to understand your customer base to, to nobody they are to give you like a really good feedback. But in terms of just for now, um, I would say stress, the point of security, like explain why that's important because that's your selling feature.

It seems like, and, uh, highlight the problem that's existing in the real world. Uh, what kind of damage you can expect if you don't solve this problem? And just how expensive is it going to be for you? Right. That's the problem. If it escalates and then point the features that are actually, um, in your app, they're actually solving this problem.

Not necessarily to just all it's and to an encryption. Explain why your app does it differently and why it's better. I think if you can accomplish that, then that'd be great. And let's see, I think that's it. Um, the screenshot is okay here. Um, I don't know if you want to include other sections where you show other screenshots of the app instead of just the one board looks like you've got all these features like realtime collaborators.

Um, I might want to see how that looks like before I sign up. And lastly, what you could try, um, what I've seen work well is actual a demo video. Just, um, introduce your product, you talking about it. Um, maybe explain the problem in the video, just like I'm recording this video. Now you can, you can do a video of your, of your product and just talk about it.

Um, maybe highlight the problem in the real world. Maybe you faced it, you worked at a company where this was a concern, right? So you can talk about this. I think that'd be a good selling point, right? I hope that helps. Um, let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be able to follow up. Alright. Take care.

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