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UpStamps First Impression

In this video I take a fresh look at UpStamps to see what can be done to increase conversions for this website. I narrate my raw thoughts as I look at the page for the first time and try to provide some ideas on what's working and what the company might be able to do to improve the overall experience.


Either a, this is a first impressions video of ups stamps. This is the first time I'm looking at this page. I don't know who the target audience is. But, I'll do my best to kind of talk my way through what I'm seeing here. So let's see. Did you ever deploy a feature by mistake? So I can tell right now this is probably targeted towards developers and my first impression here, but just looking at those pages.

I like the animations. It's kind of cute. There's a cat there. Okay. Oh, that's cool. So it definitely puts me a good mood because of just the animation style. Right. So that's good. If your page makes me happy before I even started looking at it, I'm probably more inclined to pay more attention to it. That's a good choice there.

Even though technically the animation doesn't really tell me anything about this website. It's still going to need. So feature flagging is a method by which developers graphically features. If then statements to gain more control for its release. Get started for free feature flags, AB test segments.

Let's see what else here. Testing production. It's kind of cool. And then easy implementation, a little robot here and then ship cold when you're ready. Great. Now, and there was some kind of a API JavaScript. I'm not a developer. Sorry. I don't know some of these things. Okay. So I guess that's it right? This is going to be definitely, but for me, because I'm not a developer, so I don't really know what I'm looking at here, but, just based on like best practices. You always want to have some kind of social proof, some testimonial or something. Right. That's kind of the easy top of the. top of the afraid what I'm saying, but yeah, you probably wanna include something positive as somebody that said something about the service.

If you have anything, if you don't maybe, talk a bit more about the problem that people are experiencing. Well, I guess that's one of the things like if somebody doesn't know what kind of features there, I mean, what kind of problems they're running into, but deploying the feature by mistake, which I guess an obvious, right.

It's going to be a problem with the play, something by mistake. but just maybe talk about the frustration that people feel when they ship something by mistake. What are the consequences of this? Right. It's how long does it take to roll back? are there. Upset customers are like, what are the negative things that happen after you do this thing?

Right. And talk about it. It's like stress that pinpoint, like talk to the people who are reading this, who feel the pain, but you're going to make them relive and refill that pain. Right. So let them experience it again and then say, yeah, pitch your solution to how that solves their problem. Right. So test in production, let's see accelerate feature in movie by using feature.

So again, the biggest, I guess, concern I have here is that it focuses on the features instead of resolving of the problem that somebody might experiencing by, deployment feature by mistake. Right. So maybe talk about like, never, you know, never have to deal with X, Y, and Z because, you know, we handle this for you.

So reposition the page from a feature heavy kind of page to a, this is the problem, and this is the solution and this is how we fix it. And then let's take a look. Okay. This is why you use. That's probably what I want to know. Right? Hm.

So there's some things to read here.

So see how you have this headlines has reduced that during implementation, that's kind of something that you should probably talk about on the homepage. So, And we put, put those kinds of things, like, problem heavy, and here's a solution type of response to the page and then see the product or what's here create projects.

I mean, as environments easily deploy or they be tests. Okay. So these are kind of the feature in demos. I think some of this one might be actually helpful on the homepage because if I'm somebody who's just visiting here, I might never see the product tour page. maybe if it's less important, put it towards the bottom of the page.

Once you've discussed all the problems that are faced by deploying things by mistake, and then offering a solution with your product, talking to the, to the benefits, right? Not the features. And then down below, you can list all the features and let's see what happens when that, once I sign up, I see there's two different buttons here.

It looks like we added some. Wait, what happened? He's changed. Are you AB testing? Okay. There's this cool tool? deploy faster. What else? Seller feature release. Hi. Okay. Yeah, these are the kinds of things that you should probably be testing as, as the, kind of the headlines, right? The benefits. But let's go ahead and let's get started for free.

Email passwords. And what is this? That's cool. Okay. So that's nice. It's nice. That fact that you're offering and get hub login because all developers probably use that many do. That's nicer. Yeah. I'm not going to go any further. I think that's enough. my overall impression is that this page is kind of fun and exciting.

Probably want to try that file as a developer. I probably feel all the problems that you're describing and if I see the features that might be appealing to me, but I would basically take some of the product demo, put it on the homepage and reposition all the talking points around. solving a specific problem, like why that needs to be solved and why it's so stressful when you experience it.

Because like once you can, I associate the pain with a solution and the solution with the pain, then it's easier to just sell your product. Right. I hope to help sell, let me know if you have any questions.

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