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WebMedic First Impression & Conversion Tips

WebMedic is an outfit that aims to help ecommerce stores create an action plan to tackle growing their sales. It utilizes an onboarding quiz to capture leads. I like the fact that they are using a quiz instead of a boring long form. At the end of the video, I concluded that the page needs a lot more information for people to make a decision. The site is just too basic and lacks credibility or reason to continue to the questionnaire.


Hey, this is a web medic first impressions video. Let's take a look. The first thing that I'm thinking about is it's going to be some kind of a medical thing, but, uh, just reading the headline I can see that's not the case. "Not sure what to do next to grow your eCommerce business, get a free personalized action plan."

It has guaranteed to increase your sales guaranteed to increase your sales, um, and get started by answering four quick questions.

Okay. So I like the fact that you're using kind of a lead capture quiz, right. Instead of just an email submit free consultation, a long form name, email address, phone number, all typical kind of boring thing that usually doesn't convert very well.

So, you're definitely a step ahead there. The one thing I have a problem with, like, especially in this section is like you were saying that you're guaranteed to increase sales. Um, I want a question - how do I know this? What's the proof? I need to see some credibility, but I haven't read the rest of the page, so maybe I'm just kind of jumping to conclusion here.

So let's read the rest of the page and see what happens. Okay. So you've got your story. Um, "you need to be selling online, actionable guides". "You can solve this problem. Actionable guides, excellent tools, top talent, because every business is unique. We start off by understanding your situation, the proposal suitable solution to increase our sales."

Okay. So it's a very basic page, right? There's not a whole lot going on here other than says not sure what to do with your e-commerce. Here's a personalized action plan. Um, what I'm thinking here in terms of just, and the lack of information, I think, I know I liked this short, but it doesn't really tell me a whole lot.

It doesn't tell me a whole lot about who you are, even though, you know, here's a little story, but it doesn't really tell me who you are. It doesn't tell me what to expect. Like, I don't know what I'm going to get from this. Uh, is it going to be a report? A like what, what does it look like? You know? Mmm.

Pricing. I don't see any pricing, which might be okay at this point, because you're just trying to get people to answer some quiz questions, but, um, there's not a whole lot about you about your expertise, um, past results. Like I don't really see a whole lot here. So I just have to go on by this thing. And honestly, like, I think at this point, like if I came to this page looking for e-commerce, um, help, I might just leave because there's just not enough information for me.

But if let's say, if I was really curious, I'm really in pain, I might take the quiz. I'm just curious what happens here.

WordPress, let's say Shopify, I'm just going to take this quiz plugin. Well, conversion rate cart, abandonment rate.

Yeah. Like just going through the steps. I see that you're basically gathering lead information, which is okay. That's what you want to do, but like, there's just not enough for me to go on. Um, I'd want to know. Like what happens next in this plan? Like, like what happens next? You're going to email me who is emailing me, like who's who is running this thing.

Right. Like, I'd want to know. Um, so first thing I probably do is just like click this thing and see what's going on here. Oh, that's the homepage, right. So, yeah. Um, okay. I'd probably try to flush it out a little bit more, um, add information about who you are, what your past results are, who your clients were, right.

Some logos. Mmm, testimonials. If you have any, somebody that says something positive and nice about you, have they increased her sales. That's important. Include that on your page. Oh, let's see. What else, what else? Maybe, if you, if you have any case studies, make some case studies, maybe, um, talk to the past client.

If, if you can. Um, put together kind of a case study of what was the problem? Where were they before they contacted you? What did you do that for them? Right. I'm kind of counting. I don't know if you're dizzy. Uh, what did you do for them and what was the outcome? And. Were they happy with it? Like how happy were they?

Like, are they re, did they retain you for how long, right. Or they want to see some kind of case study Nick in your case for e-commerce. That would be really powerful. If you can put together stories of how you help certain businesses. And just to flesh out the page, put more details on here, social proof, testimonials, that sort of thing.

I hope to help. And let me know if you have any questions.

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